General fund to support overall impact

The gift of mobility can change lives.

Often, we take for granted the ability to travel to everyday locations – visit a friend, maintain employment, or learn the alphabet. Without these connections, we cannot provide for our basic needs or dare to explore opportunities for our future. The gift of mobility can change that. Be the change. Provide a ride. Today.

· A ride to visit a loved one provides quality of life and plays a critical role in the socialization of the life of an older adult. Being able to live fully, by traveling, safely offers seniors socialization to combat isolation and depression.
· The pride of employment is a treasured thing. rabbittransit provides rides to adults with disabilities that could not otherwise reach an employer. Help us provide that for a person in pursuit of a ride and a career.
· A ride to school educates a future leader. A $1.60 ride to school can help to educate a future leader or offer a career opportunity of a lifetime. A $42.00 monthly pass could be the first step in self-sustainability.
· Broken sidewalks. Lack of benches. Not enough shelters. These barriers are huge challenges to those with limited mobility or those who need to travel with mobility devices and makes the difference when it comes to traveling or not. Most grants have local match requirements. Every $3.00 donated provides an opportunity to match $97.00 of infrastructure funding.

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