3P Ride is a nonprofit organization advancing affordable and convenient mobility solutions that allows all Central Pennsylvania’s residents to connect to their most basic needs.

More People. More Places. More Possibilities.

What is 3P Ride?

We often take for granted the ability to travel to everyday locations – a place to buy milk, receive an immunization, maintain employment or learn the alphabet. We forget that without these connections, we cannot provide for our basic needs or dare to explore opportunities for our future. rabbittransit has searched for mobility solutions to address these unmet needs. Through the work of a team of dedicated stakeholders, a non-profit organization, 3P Ride, Inc., was created to enhance public transit. 3P Ride seeks opportunities to offer the gift of mobility and support transportation needs that fall outside traditional funding sources. 3P Ride has prioritized three mobility initiatives – Veterans Transportation, Access to Care, and Food Access.

Live Fully. Travel Safely.

More People. More Places. More Possibilities. 3P Ride seeks to close the gap on the many transportation barriers that exist in the local community. Transportation is needed for our community to thrive as a robust and dynamic area. The benefits of transportation are many, but to some populations, they are life-sustaining. Give to one of the following groups to provide a ride or other support:


3P Ride is an innovative and transformative endeavor that does not fit the traditional model for public transportation. 3P Ride will advance its mission by focusing on achieving three priority goals:

Goal #1: Secure and develop necessary financial and human resources

Goal #2: Continue to advocate for enhanced and expanded transportation access and services

Goal #3: Implement an effective and ongoing program of education and awareness